A Rogues’ Gallery Coloring Book


Inspired by the month-long drawing challenge, Season of the Bad Guys Club originated by Craig Gleason, and drawn in October 2022. Not authorized or affiliated with Craig Gleason. All artwork is my own.

• 31 Different Baddies to Color, Printed One-Sided, with a lighter “ghost” image on the backs.
• Measures 8.5″ × 11″ / 21.5cm × 28cm (~DIN A4).
• Pages are not perforated, but there’s a cut linein case you want to remove your finished masterpieces.

Recommended: Place a blank sheet of copy paper (or two or three) under the page you want to color. This will help prevent “bleed-through” if using markers, and help dampen the occurrence of impressions appearing on the next page from color pencils or pens.

Black & White, 68 pages, published 2022.
ISBN: 979-8985405927

Available online here: Amazon (change “dot com” to your region)